Welcome to our Home Page for Christian Home Alternatives - a web-Site to inform everyone about the functions, disciplines and testimonies of our Christian Home. This is NOT a drug detox program or a drug rehabilitation agency. This is a Home - just a Christian Home like yours, "IF" you are a true Evangelical Christian. This is a Home of disciplines and freedom, a Home of Love and Mercies, a Home of repentance and forgiveness, a Home of services and caring, a Home of Family ties uniting the families of Heaven with the Families of earth, a Home of the Gospel of Yahshua. Our Home will welcome only those whom The Lord Yahshua will bring to us to learn how to serve others and how to persevere in Yahshua forever - to become a disciple and a prisoner of freedom.

Christian Home Alternative, Inc. has been operating since 1996 under Evangelistic Association Prisoners For Christ,

www.PrisonersFor Christ.com. Of the group of people that have benefitted from this ministry, one has gone home to be with the Lord and many are currently serving Yahshua as ministers and responsible business people in their communities. But, there is more work to do. Please help us build a guesthouse for the Christian homeless to help them learn to persevere in Yahshua.

Christian Home Alternatives is a nonprofit organization designed to work with all levels of communities to promote the Gospel of Yahshua and serve...

Two Boards or Directors oversees everything related to the organization to assure effective services and provide venues to maintain the Ministry...

Our Divine Calling, Code of Ethics & Values, Believes & Doctrines together with Life Skills Standards & Morals are strictly Base on The Judeo Ancient Scripture, The Bible...


We are still working in Beautiful Fort White, Florida in 10.01 acres of land that Rev. Luz Cortes in transferring ownership for Christian Home Alternatives, Inc. a Nonprofit organization to build Shalom House to use such a house as a Group Home, an Educational resource and a training camp. Ministers and Christian Homeless will be able to learn life skills to better our family and community affairs.



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The images and presentations are stills and videos to demonstrate the origins, progress, accomplishments and goals that Christian Home Alternatives, Inc. has into the open books archives of testimonies and the two boards that help us oversee the interest of our Ministry.

Help us build a Guesthouse For The Christian Homeless.

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This website will serve to present a clear perspective of our Vision-Mission-&-Objectives of our Ministry. Please don't hesitate to contact us to provide for you details about a particular goal or project that you maybe interested to support. Every support effort and contributions will help to connect someone to a home and or a family. "A Dollar Invested Is A Family Connected."

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